The motivation for OSMapTuner

Using OSMapTuner with the Tablet

OSMapTuner has evolved from several research projects dealing with OSM data and OSM data quality. While over the last years a lot of map data has been voluntarily contributed to OpenStreetMap in many countries, a considerable amount of the data lacks accurate tagging. Due to the overwhelming success of the project, more and more applications start to use OSM data (e.g. for routing and navigation, urban planning, or guiding tourists). The benefit of using OSM data for applications increases with accurate tags and tag values. Thus, OSM data quality will be a crucial success factor for OpenStreetMap in the coming years. However, in many cases, accurate tagging is a cumbersome process and requires mappers to have a good knowledge of the OSM Wiki as well as the local circumstances for mapping. Bridging the gap between on-site mapping and on-site mapping support is the OSMapTuner niche addressed. The intended usage of OSMapTuner is to help OSM mappers in the on-site completion of tags and tag values for previously acquired map features. Focusing on this goal, OSMapTuner should help to improve OSM data quality by increasing the efficiency of tag editing.

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