Using OSMapTuner with the Tablet

Does OSMapTuner support relations?
No. OSMapTuner currently does not support relations. Since the mapping of relations is a complex task, even with a desktop editor, we decided not to add this functionality at this stage. Maybe relations will be part of one of the next releases. We will keep you updated.

Is it possible to add new nodes or ways with OSMapTuner?
No. The intended use of OSMapTuner is to edit or add tags and tag values to existing map features. Thus, we decided to focus on the functionality of OSMapTuner and to omit the functionality for adding nodes and ways.

Is it possible to edit the geometry of nodes or ways?
No. We think the editing of geometries is best accomplished with desktop editors such as JOSM. Maybe we will add one or the other functionality for editing geometries (e.g. splitting of ways) in one of the next versions of OSMapTuner. We are looking forward to suggestions from the OSM community concerning the necessity of such editing functionalities.

Why does OSMapTuner only download vector data?
Because of the tile usage policy we are not allowed to download areas of tiles at zoom level 17 and higher. The downloading function of OSMapTuner loads only vector data to the smartphone. With this data maps are rendered with the mapsforge library locally.

Do I have to be registered with OpenStreeMap to use OSMapTuner?
Yes and no. OSMapTuner may be used without an OSM user account. However, you will only be able to submit data to the OSM server with a valid OSM user account.

Are there plans to change OSMapTuner to a paid application?
No. Our intention with OSMapTuner is to improve OSM data quality. Thus we have decided to make OSMapTuner available as a free application.

Are there plans to offer OSMapTuner for other mobile platforms?
Currently not. We provide OSMapTuner for the Android platform since it is currently the most widespread platform in the world. Furthermore, we think that the openness of the Android platform is the best fit with the openness of OpenStreetMap.

Are there plans to make OSMapTuner open source?
Currently not. We are considering this step. At the moment we do not have the necessary resources to prepare the source code for a release into the public domain. However, we are looking forward to the feedback of the community.